The HyperHealth project brings together a set of Doctors, Entrepreneurs, and visionaries who have extensive experience in the healthcare and technology industry. 

HyperHealth’s management team and advisors have more than 100 years of professional experience in healthcare and technology and have connections to senior healthcare stakeholders across Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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Sebastian Eubank

Sebastian Eubank, boxer, MMA fighter and activist was an advocate & supporter of HyperHealth. He was a selfless philanthropist and visionary. Seb’s humanitarian vision for HyperHealth involved helping people in sub-Saharan Africa to get access to their basic human rights with healthcare services offered through telemedicine.

Sebastian is deeply missed by family and friends. His philanthropic legacy will continue to live on and impact the world positively through HyperHealth's vision and in this respect we are determined to fulfill his legacy and to celebrate his life, his family and his son, Raheem.