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We’re changing the way the world thinks about healthcare

While there are many areas in healthcare that can be improved through technology, HyperHealth helps address how identity & data is managed, as they are the underlying cause for a large part of the limitations experienced by various proponents of the healthcare industry.


Dr Bobby Ahmed 

BMedSci BMBS MRCGP DOccMed FRSPH (Fellow) AFTM RCPS(Glasg) Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, United Kingdom

Redefining the Global Medical System

"The goal is for HyperHealth to enable every individual, including people in currently underprivileged and marginalized sectors, to access world class healthcare through our telemedicine application, with an option to access doctors providing their freemium services pro bono.


Our team envisages a world where healthcare inequality and access to wellbeing services could be addressed using Med Tech, AI, AR/VR, machine learning, big data analytics, IoMT, Web3, 4D, 5G, robotics, haptics, NFTs and our own Hyperverse."

Connecting Dots


Transforming Global Healthcare Accessibility

Secure healthcare in the palm of your hands

The HyperHealth Telemedicine module enables patients to schedule and book appointments with doctors and receive consultation from the comfort of their homes. With HyperHealth’s Identity management system and access to a patient’s complete longitudinal health record, doctors can confidently diagnose a patient’s condition and prescribe medicines remotely from the safety of their homes. 


The technology

HyperHealth uses a decentralized user-centric model that gives the user full control of their identity. This ensures that each individual is authenticated which establishes trust within the platform.

Blockchain technology stores data in a decentralized and immutable manner, which enables the transfer of medical records, prescriptions and lab reports securely.

The InterPlanetary File System is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. It uses content-addressing to uniquely identify each file in a global network.


Healthcare & NFTs 

Patients own their data

The HyperHealth platform is able to tokenise health records and medical data, which are safely encrypted for patients to practice self-custody.


Records will be verifiable and auditable in real-time, creating a transparency and “single source of truth” we’ve never seen before. 

Health records are encrypted with sophisticated cryptography, and patients choose the information they want shared on the public blockchain. A single NFT can hold numerous files, with transaction IDs and detailed history stored on the blockchain and in the NFT itself.


Health records NFTs can be updated and verified in real-time, which streamlines the process for hospitals and patients. It also allows for a “master document” of records that can be verified at any hospital or doctor’s office, and audited by the owner, instead of having pieces of hospital records scattered among different hospital networks and requiring work from patients and providers to consolidate those records to one place.



A different approach, consulting in the Metaverse

Hyperhealth will be the first chain of medical clinics in the metaverse, which promise to integrate the latest medical technology to optimise the user experience and promote well-being and high quality healthcare.

The metaverse it will be an opportunity to learn, empower and provide blissful experiences to patients and providers. 


HyperHealth will be a pioneer among digital healthcare platforms

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Founder & CEO

A qualified medical doctor at the age of 22, Bobby is the CEO and Founder of Regent Street Clinic Group with a 20-year history of innovating private medical healthcare delivery across the world. Bobby has been the founder of many very successful and disruptive medical business in the UK and Dubai including TravelDoc, TESTD and Proviris Solutions. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH), a member of the British College of Aesthetics Medicine (BCAM) and a Member of the Royal college of GPs in the UK, with distinction (MRCGP).

- Dr Bobby Ahmed 

BMedSci BMBS MRCGP DOccMed FRSPH (Fellow) AFTM RCPS(Glasg) Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, United Kingdom

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The HyperHealth project brings together a set of doctors, technological innovators and visionaries who have extensive experience in the healthcare and technology industry. 

HyperHealth’s management team and advisors have more than 100 years of professional experience in healthcare and technology and have connections to senior healthcare stakeholders across Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Looking at the paradigm shifts in care delivery models & consumer trends, it is clear that digital and analog care delivery can no longer be built in silos, but rather have to adopt a unified approach. This means leveraging the strengths of digital solutions while retaining a human touch to help healthcare providers foster a more intimate relationship with their patients.


All stakeholders — patients, healthcare providers, regulators and policymakers — must work together closely to make this the new reality. Though the Covid-19 crisis might serve as a key catalyst on this path, only through collaboration can these paradigm shifts become sustainable and bring long-lasting benefits of digital health and global healthcare in general. 



Token utility 

The HYP utility token will be used in app to allign incentives and reward stakeholders. Key features of the token include:


- Revenue share for staking in HYP app 

-Rewards for improving health in Fit2Earn module

-In-app advertisers will pay exclusively in HYP tokens 

-Hyp token payments will recieve discounts from HyperHealth store partners and sponsors. These include functional medicine testing, gym memberships, sportswear, prepped meals and various other healthcare goods and services 

-Patients can recieve payment in HYP for data sharing 

-Provisioning for incentives to retain healthcare proffesionals 





  • Idea inception, R&D confirming feasibility of project proposal  

  • Partnership with Block Gemini for Blockchain and Health Platform Discovery 

  • Collaboration with Regent Street Clinic, UK on Functional Medicine and Genomics 

  • Collaboration with MyDNAHealth on AI-enabled COVID-19 point of care testing 


  • Market Research of Medical Technology & Healthcare models 

  • Formation of Core team

  • Strategic Partners and Advisors 

  • Establish UK Medical Doctors advisory team 

  • Setup up legal entity & secure seed funding from Healthcare 3K UK

  • Branding and design of HyperHealth Platform


  • Create marketing strategy & expand core team 

  • Planning of technology infrastructure including Augmented/Virtual Reality 

  • Partnership with TakeLeap for Artificial Intelligence implementation 



  • Validate Business Model & Produce Whitepaper

  • Website and Social Media team creation

  • Create proprietary smart contract architecture 

  • Initial talks with high-profile investors 

  • Begin social media and PR campaign

  • Secure further seed funding from Angel investors

  • HyperHealth trade licence, corporate structure and legal partnership 

  • Begin MVP telemedicine app development with focus on core telemedicine features

  • Application to industry leading IEO, incubation programs and launchpads



  • Finalisation of  strategic investment

  • Implement marketing and PR strategy  

  • Complete Certik Audit for HYP token contract

  • Finalise ICO terms

  • Private & public presale registration 

  • AMA with Dr Bobby Ahmed 

  • Launch HYP token ERC20 contract

  • Open Whitelist 

  • Public ICO launch

  • Expansion of team employees and further talent aquisition 

  • Exploring exchange listings 

  • Marketing and oboarding of GPs and healthcare providers

  • Providing DEX liquidity 


  • Post launch marketing campaigns 

  • Metaverse integration & securing digital real estate 

  • GitHub setup

  • Creation of data NFTs for healthcare professionals 

  • Integration of Virtual Reality & Gamification of healthcare

  • Creation of HyperHealth Foundation

  • Telemedicine TESTNET: Beta platform integration with medical consultations testing 

  • Rating system for doctors and patients 

  • Development of Fit2Earn integrating wearable devices metrics


  • Roll out of Telemedicine application in UK 

  • Marketing campaign to onboard and retain healthcare professionals  

  • Negotiations with onramp payment partners

  • Listing on first CEX 

  • Expanding global presence and awareness 

  • Secure sponsorships for global events 

  • Development of HH DAO 

  • Release of in app HYP staking 

  • Development of  Fit2Earn 



  • Partnerships with private hospitals & medical clinics 

  • Health insurance partnerships 

  • In-app advertisements go live (Paid in HYP) 

  • Telemedicine MAINNET – global consultations using blockchain technology

  • Continue R+D of blockchain technology options and audit for safety issues, limitations and improvements

  • Fit2Earn model audit and review ahead of mass onboarding campaign 

  • In-app Functional Medicine tab including DNA testing  



  • Promotion  and roll-out of ‘Health/Fit to Earn’ model  

  • Strategic partnerships with Dentists, Pharmacies, and other healthcare providers and services 

  • Implementation of HyperHealth to secondary and tertiary care centres in Europe/UAE 

  • Implement blockchain solution with ability to monetise health data 

  • Brand ambassadors onboarding 

  • Review processes and audit of current systems 

  • Strategic metaverse and crypto partnerships 


  • Expand HyperHealth global presence to Africa and Asia 

  • Explore integrations of VR/Metaverse consulting

  • Research, development and partnership vis-à-vis wearable medical devices 

  • Integration of Allied Healthcare (pharmacies, diagnostic centres) 

  • Onboarding of laboratory partners worldwide 

  • Enablement of functional medicine, longevity and diagnostic services through the application 

  • Publish updated roadmap for Q3, Q4 2023 and beyond.  

HyperHealth Roadmap